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Friday, March 8, 2019

The wide variety of resort jobs in the Maldives

Majority of the resorts in the Maldives are beach resorts which means that other than the regular water sports or related activities, there are also a wide variety of other activities easily available on site. The resort jobs in the Maldives are vast and offer prospective employees the chance to pick and choose according to preference and skill set. Like common hotels and other small-scale accommodations, resorts also offer some common employment opportunities such as: 
  • Front desk personnel
  • Concierge and bell boys
  • Housekeeping staff
  • Security personnel
  • Food & Beverage staff
  • Chefs and Stewards
While the list is vast, there are a number of specialized jobs also offered by resorts in the Maldives. This is perhaps because unlike other hotels and common accommodations, resorts tend to offer many more activities such as spa facilities, gymnasium, swimming pool and musical evenings. Some of these may be seasonal while others run all year round. Depending on the kind of resort one opts, there are job openings often available all year round.

Individuals that have a specific skills set are often in more demand than the rest while others are often contractual or seasonal workers that work shifts or are hired on rotations. One of the most significant things to consider when opting for a job at a resort in the Maldives is a good reference letter. Majority of the staff hired is often based on references as these tend to be the safer option. Also, resort management like to know your strengths beforehand so that they can provide you with the responsibilities that are most suitable for you.

Depending on whether you have a skill set or not, your pay scale is often determined. Other things that determine your pay is a good reference as well. This helps the resort management get a better understanding of what kind of pay you have been receiving before and the market standard at the time. Other than the pay, resort employees in the Maldives tend to receive a number of different employment benefits as well! The most skilled and high paying employees tend to get better benefits. These employees usually work as:

  • Instructors for sports such as water related, golf, tennis and others
  • Contractual musicians
  • Spa staff and therapists
  • Diving Instructors
  • Engineers
One of the best features of working at resort in the Maldives is that there are job opportunities for anyone and everyone! The vibrant environment at the resorts is maintained by hiring employees from all walks of life; young, old, skilled, interns and even foreigners. These resorts are comfortable hiring talent from abroad which means the job openings are not discriminatory and will not just be limited to the locals.

In all, working at a resort in the Maldives is as good as going on a paid vacation! The resorts offer a wide range of opportunities to individuals because of the wide array of activities available on site! There is always something or the other happening at the resorts in the Maldives as the tourism season runs all year round!

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