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Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Maldives

At Sun Siyam Iru Fushi we invite you to let go of your worldly concerns and simply enjoy the moment – on you own, with your partner, with your family. To soak up the stunning environment of our 52-acre island, revel in the luxuries of our traditional Maldivian villas, indulge in mouth-watering cuisine across our 11 restaurants, and experience our diverse array of leisure activities that will see you speeding across the ocean’s surface and delving beneath its depths. We also invite you to discover, to learn, to connect.

Inspired by nature, enveloping. Shaded havens open onto pristine stretches of powdery beach, the lagoon and its delights waiting patiently. Strolling at sunrise along the water’s edge, the sky blushing deep rose. Laying in the shallows to bask in pure sunlight, waves gently caressing, and schools of fish teasing. Feeling that life was always meant to be like this – savoring each moment.

Maldivian culinary arts and traditions come alive across 11 diverse restaurants. Fresh local Flavours – served with tropical flair. Tantalizing aromas carry on the breeze from live cooking stations. Seafood specialties and homemade hearty treats. Authentic Asian and gourmet light bites.
Indulge in local and international fusions of sumptuous ingredients and delicious Flavours. Casual settings paired with fine cuisine. Specialty wines individually selected by our expert Sommelier. Feast at the water’s edge. The sound of a sizzling grill blended with the lapping of the waves.

With the entire island a sanctuary of natural beauty, there is no need to hide away. Instead The Spa at Sun Siyam Iru Fushi is an open immersion – in organic earth and vibrant sea – the elements from which Ayurveda draws its centuries-old healing power. At The Spa we have perfected this ancient holistic tradition, blending its timeless wisdom with contemporary practices found both East and West. Our resident Ayurvedic Doctor guides you on your own personalized journeys to wellness both during your stay and beyond. Meanwhile, expert practitioners – in traditional massage, authentic Maldivian-inspired rituals and world-renowned wellness practices – combine finely honed knowledge with a naturally healing touch.

We engage in proactive yet culturally respective social responsibility efforts, helping to preserve the atoll’s traditions while also bettering livelihoods. Along the way, we invite you to seek a deeper understanding of the atoll’s people and culture to take part – from spending a day with local fishermen who supply our restaurants, to practicing English with children at the village school, to trading stories and recipes with the women as they prepare the day’s catch.
Our guests leave with a unique insight into the Maldives, enriched by its culture and traditions. Meanwhile our communities benefit from the support offered by Sun Siyam – and their meaningful engagement with you. We warmly welcome you to our home, and into our hearts.

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