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Club Med Maldives

Club Med is an international holiday destination with over 75 resorts present in 40 countries around the world, ranging from beach side destinations, skiing and snowboarding in the mountains, and rivers, and valleys as far as China. As we are an ever growing company, we are always in need of qualified, enthusiastic staff for our resorts around the world.

We employ staff from over 27 different countries around the world to ensure satisfaction and personalization for our guests. Coming from Maldives, Bangladesh, India, etc, our local staff are the backbone of our resorts, and we place great importance on them and offer the possibility of enhancing or extending their skills through training, or by taking on new functions to progress towards more responsibilities.

Club Med, over and above the life experience it offers its staff, G.Os and G.Es, villages or offices, proposes a unique model in terms of career and employability. The very nature of the jobs is a source of motivation, intense life experiences, rich in exchanges, all in an international environment.

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Recent Job Openings