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Friday, March 15, 2019

5 benefits of working at a Resort in Maldives

Since Maldives economy is significantly dependent on Tourism and Hospitality, the Resorts in Maldives are considered as some of the most beautiful places in the world! While working at a resort can be quite tedious and may require you to log in the extra hours, but at the same time you get to reap the many benefits that these resorts tend to offer! For starters, you get a share in other people’s experiences and vacations! Here are some of the reasons why working at a resort in Maldives will be one of the best decisions you ever made:

1. A paid vacation
For the common seasonal employee, working at a resort in Maldives is as good as enjoying a paid vacation! In tourist seasons when there is a high influx of guests, many resorts tend to introduce packages on tours and activities in the area! This in turn helps the employee explore and enjoy just like a common tourist!

2. Make friends and contacts

One of the best parts about working at a Resort in Maldives is that you get to meet and interact with people from all walks of life! there is a beautiful amalgamation of culture especially during high tourist seasons which will give you a chance to interact with people from different industries and make friends from all around the world!

3. Resort specific benefits

To retain employees for longer, majority of the resorts in Maldives offer their employees many employment benefits! Some may provide discounts on different activities while others offer lodging and meals at subsidized rates or often even free of charge! There are also many freebies included in the employment contract and may vary according to the seasonal activities that the resorts are offering for the term!

4. Insurance included

Depending on your job, majority of the resorts in Maldives offer their workers some employee benefits! These can vary between using the resorts facilities after hours to getting medical and dental insurance! Majority of the insurance schemes depend on the intensity of the job you are hired for and will increase in value especially if you are working in a dangerous setting such as an outdoor instructor!

5. Enhance your CV

Perhaps the most attractive feature of working at a Resort in Maldives is enhancing your CV or Resume! This is particularly attractive to the seasonal worker who will eventually seek out permanent job positions in the industry soon! Since working at a resort includes being involved in a number of different activities, this allows the worker to enhance their resumes by adding all the responsibilities and projects they got to work on!

Working at a resort in the Maldives is often dubbed as a life changing experience by many former employees! With so many benefits to offer, the tourism and hospitality industry is brimming with opportunities for interns to new graduates and even seasoned workers! If travel on its own is not the biggest incentive to work at a resort in the Maldives, there are many staff and employee benefits that may catch your eye!

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