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Friday, February 8, 2008

Training Resorts to be established in North and South of Maldives

Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation has revealed that 2 training resorts are to be established in north and south of Maldives in order to provide training to Maldivians wishing to take up a carrier in a tourism related fields.
The training resort to be established in north of Maldives will be set up Hdh Nolhivaraum says Tourism Ministry. Tourism Ministry also said Maldives Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) will be assigned to establish the training resort sometime in March this year.
The training resort to be set up in the south will be established at Laamu Gasgadufinolhu and Laamu Bodufinolhu. The construction of the resort will be awarded to the highest bidder informs Tourism Ministry and that bids proposals will be invited some time next month.
Ministry says when the training resorts are established it will have a bed capacity of 150 to 200 and will have all the modern conveniences plus administrative offices, lecture rooms, classrooms and accommodation blocks for students and staff.
Additions points will be awarded to proposals which contain agreements from schools of international reputation to conduct training in these resorts say the Ministry.
Ministry also says during the first year diploma courses acceptable to Maldives Accreditation Board will be held and that during the third year degree courses will be held. Ministry also revealed that these resorts will take up training of foreign students as well.

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