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Friday, April 9, 2010

Celebrating 3rd Anniversary on 7th May 2010


Greetings from Job Maldives Team.
Finding qualified candidates has become a major issue for almost all employers. There can be lot of reasons for this which cannot be confirmed without a proper research. However what we all know is that every day we see lot of job openings published in a variety of Medias. One reason for the above mentioned issue could be matching the right candidate to the right job at the right time.Job-Maldives.com started on Monday, May 7, 2007 to let the potential candidates know about the job openings in a timely manner. The statistics show that visitors to this site has been increasing rapidly on a daily basis. With the feedback and encouragements received from readers, Job-Maldives.com would like to take a step further which cannot be achieved without contributions from people like you.Therefore we would to like invite you to send your job opening to us so that it will be published online free. Even though your job openings are published in traditional news papers and other printed media, the news might not have reached to the right candidate at the right time. Even if Maldives islands are geographically scattered technological development like internet has put us together in a virtual environment. We believe that it will produce better results in terms of receiving better candidates for your opening when it's published on a website like Job-Maldives.com which is free of charge.
Job-Maldives.com traffic statistics from 31 March 2007 to 7 April 2010. (120,000+ Hits a month)
. Advantages of Publishing on Job-Maldives.com

1. Fill up your vacancies within few days with qualified candidates
2. Registration is not required to post Job Advertisements
3. Your advertisements will be published on number one and the most visited job site in the Maldives. (currently an average of 1200+ unique visitors a day as shown on the graph)
4. Reach the most qualified and talented candidates those who seek opportunities from your establishment. (targeted job seekers)
5. Distribute your Job Advertisements to more than 6000 potential job seekers by email
6. Publish your vacancies on Facebook FREE (4500+ facebook members)
6. Create Upcoming Events FREE
7. Create Company Home Pages and Market your Products FREE
8. Publish your job advertisements within 24 hours

If you have any query or any job advertisement that you would like to advertise on Job-Maldives.com please do not hesitate to communicate our team via e mail:
info@job-maldives.com or ads@job-maldives.com

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