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Monday, February 17, 2020

How To Work Effectively As A Team Player In Maldives Resort Industry

In today’s dynamic, fast, and ever-changing business climate, effective teams play a central role in the success of most organizations. Almost every industry relies heavily on teams that deliver. The Maldives resort industry is no exception. Team performance is of critical importance when it comes to running resorts and hotels. 

While the demand for productivity and operational efficiency is increasing, employees have to learn how to perform well when working in a group of people. If we study how things really work at Maldivian resorts, one prominent factor that comes to the surface is that the success of a resort worker depends on their ability to understand and be an active part of a collaborative environment. 

If you’re planning to join the Maldivian resort industry, start working on your skills to perform as a team player. This guide will help you learn how to work effectively as a team player in the Maldives resort industry. Before we dig deep, let’s take a quick look at the Maldives resort industry and employment opportunities associated with it.

The Maldivian economy relies largely on tourism. The total contribution of Travel and Tourism to GDP in 2017 was 76.6%. This dependence is likely to increase in the coming years as the Maldivian government is striving to improve the structure of travel and tourism sector. The number of jobs generated by the tourism sector is also increasing.

The industry welcomes foreign professionals who have expertise in managing resorts, hotels, spas, and other recreational facilities. A large number of foreign professionals have already been working in the industry, and they understand how their ability to work as a team can influence their career growth.

Importance of Teamwork in the Resort Industry

The collective effort of a group of workers is called teamwork. In other words, teamwork is the process of working collaboratively with a group of people to achieve certain business goals. Since teamwork is a vital workplace skill, people working in the resort industry have to develop individual skills to work together in tough situations.

Without teamwork, a resort can’t deliver good customer service, which eventually leads to business failure. Many of the complex business problems within the resort industry can only be solved when workers are willing to work as a team player. Almost everyone working at a resort has to coordinate their activities and communicate what has been accomplished and what business process needs more work. As a resort worker, you need to learn how to solve problems collectively and make decisions that support the overall objective of your organization.

How To Become a Better Team player
If you want to reach your potential as a professional working in the resort industry, become a better team player. So much has already been written about the value of productive teams. Let’s explore the techniques to work optimally as a team player in the Maldives resort industry:

1. Open Up To Your Colleagues
Helping your co-workers is one of the best things you can do as a worker. However, allowing others to help you is equally important and beneficial. Workers who open up to their colleagues are perceived as more approachable and authentic. When you let others help, you benefit from their wisdom. Whether you’re a chef or a resort manager, as a team player, you should open up to your colleagues.

2. Be an Effective Listener
Sometimes employees focus too much on what they have to say or what actions they have to take rather than listen to others. To become a team player, you should work on your skills to be a good listener. If you’re on your path to becoming a better team player and co-workers, try to differentiate between listening to understand versus listening to speak. Listening to understand and improve is central to productive team behaviour. Opening your mind to other perspectives will help you become a good employee and co-worker.

3. Help Others Succeed
Most employees working in a competitive environment focused on their success rather than to help others achieve their career goals. From a broad perspective, the resort industry is more favourable to those who cultivate the genius in others. When you work towards empowering and inspiring others, people will gravitate towards you, making it easier for you to build healthy workplace relationships.

When working in a team, everybody comes with their own perspective, ideas and biases. It’s the willingness to help others and diversity of thought that build great teams. Good team players rise above their own personal interests and egos and accept what’s best for their team.

4. Treat Everyone Respectfully
A group of people can’t be an effective team if they don’t respect each other. In a resort, all the employees and business owners are supposed to work together to build a giant system that delivers impeccable services. Maldivian resorts hire people from different backgrounds, cultures, and languages. When people from different parts of the world come together to build a team, it becomes absolutely essential to recognize the need for respectful behaviour. Here is how you can show respect to your colleagues:

  • Support your co-workers when they take a positive initiative
  • Provide positive and constructive feedback to your team members
  • Be honest with your fellow team members
  • Listen to others
  • Take time to celebrate individual achievements
5. Engage With Best Intentions
Intentions are one of the factors that build or break teams. People working at management-level positions should know how their intentions can impact the overall performance of their teams. Your actions, thoughts, and responses reflect your intentions. Regardless of your role or responsibilities, one thing that promotes collaboration and communication is engaging with best intentions. It strengthens relationships and enlightens gap areas.

As a business leader, your intentions function like an engine that drives motivation. Intention-based leadership plays a key role when it comes to building efficient teams. The Maldivian hospitality industry develops everyone’s potential. If you’re ready to join a resort as a manager, be sure to understand how your intentions would influence your team.

6. Share Your Strengths
Everyone comes with their own unique skills and attributes. It’s important to learn how your skills or strengths can contribute to the overall success fo your team. Sharing your talent with your co-workers can be of great value. For example, if you’re a chef but you have great management skills, you can help managers with various management-related affairs. Your five minutes of support may save a team member frustration or a whole day’s worth of work. Helping others out of a challenging situation is the best way to build trust and relationships.

7. Don’t Hesitate to Get Your Hands Dirty
A good team player doesn’t hesitate to volunteer to do the different tasks. While considerate employers promote volunteering at the workplace, you should take volunteerism as an opportunity to grow professionally and personally. It’s a healthy workplace practice when team members help each other and volunteer to perform certain tasks. As a team player, you shouldn’t be reluctant to do something that could boost your team’s performance.

8. Turn Problems Into Opportunities
The Maldives resort industry offers numerous challenges and opportunities to both employees and employers. As a team player or employee, you’re likely to face difficult situations. However, a positive attitude can turn difficulties into growth opportunities. A positive state of mind is one of the ingredients people must have in order to be valued team players. If you want to grow at a rapid pace, treat your professional problems as opportunities.

It’s not a healthy approach when people start judging things as right or wrong, bad or good. You can choose to be positive, happy, and optimistic, or you can be critical and pessimistic. When it comes to working in a stressful environment, a positive attitude will make life easier.

9. Be Flexible
Fast-paced changes in the global tourism market and technological advances have made workplaces unpredictable. The resort you’re about to join as an employee has probably gone through major changes over the years. No matter your position or role, you’ll be working with a variety of different teams. If you’re not flexible or adaptable, you can’t be an excellent team player.

People who are flexible and responsive to unexpected situations are usually good team players. If you’re willing to step outside your job description, it means your team can get more things done. Professional traits like flexibility and adaptability enable employees to do different tasks and take on more responsibilities. Being flexible means you wouldn’t hesitate to go the extra mile to get things done. People will be drawn to work with you if you know how to accommodate and adjust according to a situation.

10. Don’t Throw Co-Workers Under the Bus
Studies suggest that playing the blame game never works. People are often found blaming others for their mistakes. They perform worse, learn less, and don’t progress in their career. Good team players always own their shortfalls and don’t let the blame game affect team performance. There’s no use of throwing your teammates under the bus. Even if you have to blame someone, be constructive in your approach.

You might not be able to live up to your commitments, but a positive approach would help you handle shortcomings. Successful team members hold themselves accountable; they make no excuses for their mistakes.

11. Focus on Collaboration
There’s a difference between being cooperative and collaborative. The environment within a resort values collaboration more than cooperation. Whether you hardly know your co-workers or they’re your best friends, it’s difficult to develop a culture of effective collaboration. However, collaboration is indispensable to organizational development. When a team at a resort collaborate effectively, they produce new solutions and creative ideas that can help business owners achieve their business goals.

12. Communicate Effectively
Employers can’t compromise on good communication skills when they have to build smart teams to perform time-sensitive tasks. The environment within a resort requires impeccable communication skills. As a team player, you should improve the way you communicate with others. While it’s important to listen thoughtfully and support others, make sure to share own ideas in an effective and professional way.

Maldivian resort industry deals with a large number of tourists on a daily basis. The hospitality staff is not supposed to sit behind computers all day and send emails. They have to interact with visitors and meet their expectations. Providing exceptional service isn’t possible if the staff at a resort doesn’t know how to communicate effectively.

13. Be Ready and Reliable
Be ready: people who have already worked with a team understand that things can change quickly. When working as a staff member at a resort, you can be asked to adjust your workload, schedule or responsibilities. Being ready for all kinds of changes will make you a valuable part of your team. Professionals ready to take on new opportunities that might arise during a project experience dramatic career growth. Your willingness to remain ready and flexible in a fast-paced environment will make you an active team player.

Be reliable: Regardless of the industry, a good employee is the one that does their job in a responsible manner. When you're assigned a task by your team or manager, you must put your best efforts to accomplish the task. If for some reason you’re unable to complete the task at hand, be sure to discuss with your team as soon as possible so that other options can be considered. If you perform well one day but show a lack of interest the next, you’ll be regarded as unreliable which isn’t an attribute of a good team player. So, be consistent and dependable.

Teamwork Skills
Teamwork is among the most crucial skills desired by hospitality recruiters. Unfortunately, these skills are frequently deficient in college graduates. The following are some of the most important skills you need to acquire in order to be a good team player:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication
  • Decision making
  • Problem-solving
  • Reliability
  • Planning and organizational skills
  • Influencing skills
  • Cultural acceptance
If you’re wondering whether or not you have good teamwork skills, ask yourself the following questions:
  • Do I set my personal interests aside and focus on team objectives?
  • Do I hold myself accountable?
  • Do I understand my role and get the job done effectively?
  • Do I consider others perspective?
  • Am I a good listener?
  • Do I assume positive intent and demonstrate respect?
  • Am I a good communicator? 
Teamwork And Employee Performance
Focusing on achieving occupational goals at workplace individually is one of the common mistakes resort workers make during their career. Taken into account the growing expectations of visitors and market demands, the resort industry has to use teamwork as an essential tool to deliver great services.

There is a massive impact of teamwork on the performance of organizations and employees. Researchers have carried out numerous studies exploring the impact of teamwork on employees’ growth and performance. This is the reason why the resort industry prefers to hire people with great teamwork skills. 

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