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Friday, March 1, 2019

5 Growth Enhancing Opportunities for the recent Graduate at Resorts in the Maldives

It is often a stressful experience when looking for jobs right out of college! However, with a booming tourism and hospitality industry in the Maldives, opting for a growth enhancing job at one of the many leading resorts in the country can not only be beneficial but also life changing! Resorts are diverse and unlike other modes of accommodation tend to have many departments and activities which provide job openings for fresh graduates. Here are some of the departments within resorts that offer growth enhancing opportunities to fresh out of college employees:

Human Resource Management
One of the most prominent departments in any booming company is the Human resource (HR) one! Similarly, the HR department plays an important role in the working of any successful resort as it is not only responsible for acquiring rising talent but also responsible for retaining existing employees. Hence, working in the HR department of any resort entails a lot of opportunities especially for graduates.

Resorts in the Maldives have many activities happening which require the usage of equipment and designated areas. Engineers are especially needed at resorts to help them work adequately and make sure these activities function properly to avoid any mishaps and unforeseen circumstances. For instance, engineers help make sure the different features of the swimming pools, kitchen and spa areas are working adequately and are in optimum condition.

Since resorts have many seasonal activities and those that take place all year round happening, it is important to hire instructors that will not only make sure that the people involved in the activities are able to enjoy them in a safe and secure manner but also be able to take part in them the way it is required. For instance, resorts are often hiring scuba diving, surfing and swimming instructors.

Resorts tend to employ vehicles and other modes of transportation which requires them to hire mechanics. Mechanics are engineers as well but solely work to make sure mechanical appliances and vehicles are working in optimum conditions. Mechanics and engineers tend to get a wide variety of exposure and experience as they come across different novel issues which need their dire attention on a regular basis.

Restaurant management
Many resorts in the Maldives have restaurants featuring different kinds of cuisine on their premises. This allows the guests to get a vast cultural experience by tasting food from different parts of the world. Restaurants at these resorts are often hiring for different roles that can vary between kitchen staff to chefs and even waiters and hosts.

As a recent graduate, there are many growth enhancing opportunities available at different resorts in the Maldives. It is important that prospective individuals are interested in working in the tourism industry so that they are able to grow in the roles that they acquire. At the same time, it is also important that the individual has a growth mindset so that they are able to acquire the necessary skills and learn from their experience.

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