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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Resort Career Opportunities in the Maldives

Are you looking to start and build a career in the Maldives resort industry, then you are in the right place? We have gathered some of the frequent opportunities you are likely to get and how to prepare for each post. The hospitality industry is the backbone to the Maldives economy as tourism is the primary income generating activity of the 1,000+ coral islands. 

Though it’s a wise idea always to get your skills and necessary documentation ready, that gives you an edge in the highly competitive industry and gives you more bargaining power. Here are some of the best and current career opportunities you will get in the Maldives resorts.

Chef de Partie
A Chef de partie is a senior staff in most resorts tasked with the responsibility of supervising other kitchen staff and ensuring foods leaving the kitchen are of the highest quality possible. Thus, any person targeting to get the position should ensure their papers are in order and have at least five years’ experience in the post. Besides, the Chef de partie helps in controlling the cost of food and getting client feedback on what is served. Most importantly, the chef should get all the necessary clearance from the authorities to avoid future penalties from the government.

A bartender is an ideal job opportunity you will meet in the local dailies as most resorts are continually looking to fill the post. The bartender is the bar supervisor tasked with checking all the necessary operations of the bar. Besides, they ensure every guest is served on time and gets the right quantity and quality of their drink. As a bartender, you are expected to be an active team player and have top customer care skills. Also, the bartender ensures the bar is in compliant with all the service standards, and proper hygiene is observed. As a result, a bartender is required to have comprehensive knowledge of the service standards and continue to add skills on proper business and bar management.

Anyone seeking to feel the position should have the most beautiful detail of the menu and shareable expertise on how to handle guests. Waiters and waitresses have the privilege of serving guests from various nationalities and cultures requiring them to be tolerant, patient, knowledgeable on several languages. Besides, they should have master skills in table setting as the Maldives resorts will not compromise on any of the above.

Persons who fill the housekeeper post in Maldives resorts are tasked with the responsibility of meeting the day to day cleanliness of the resorts. Moreover, they ensure every public space is tidy and in its right condition, delegating duties and supervising other staff are some of their typical duties. Relevant experience and education qualifications are some of the must-have skills one should have to ascend to the post.

A hostess is a regular member of staff in a resort whose responsibility involves handling guest dining reservations and catering for the welfare of group visitors who will be in the resort for a while. Besides, the hostess gives direction to other room personnel on various client needs and helps in building a proper client policy for the resort.

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